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Welcome to the official wiki for Hieronym's To the Stars! Here, you can find (or add!) information on the many people, places, and things that fill its world.

This wiki contains unmarked spoilers, for both To the Stars and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Check the To the Stars page for chapter summaries if you are looking to refresh your memory on the general plot before catching up on recent chapters.

Key Pages[edit]

Pages marked with * are largely incomplete.
To the Stars
spoiler-marked plot summaries
exhaustive table of people
all sorts of places and things
specific subsets of pages
all events before and during
current sources of speculation
extra-story canon material
Expanded Universe
all fanworks of all kinds
Words of God
tidbits direct from the author

Points of Interest[edit]

Fan Translations




Community Sites

Sufficient Velocity Discussion Thread

/r/ToTheStars Subreddit

Discord Channel

TvTropes Page

To the Stars Fanart

Official Sources

Hieronym's Tumblr

Hieronym's Update Twitter

Where to Help

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