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You need help? Here are some tips and templates!

Finding Information

Entirety of To the Stars on one page, for easy Ctrl-F

You can also download the entire story from that page as well, if you don't want to depend on your browser's Find functionality, but beware that the conversion isn't perfect.

Useful templates

Template:Chn for linking to chapters by their name

Template:Ch for linking to chapters by number

Template:Characterbox for creating new character pages

Template:Quote for making quotes

Template:Quote box for another way to display quotes

Template:Spbox for making spoiler boxes

The text editor

It's pretty bad. Try using Sublime Text or another text editor and then copying into here when done.

If you must use it, note that you can expand it by dragging the bottom right corner around.

Useful Generic MediaWiki Stuff

How to link internal or external pages easily.

How to make tables

Formatting Guide

Also, you can click edit on pages and see how what's already there has been done, of course.


Check out the Special Pages, there's useful administrative stuff there.