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A place to dump canon info about To The Stars.

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NB: This wiki contains spoilers for Puella Magi Madoka Magica. As To the Stars is a sequel to that series, this is as you might expect.

[edit] Where to Start

At the very least, we need to import everything from the Tumblr posts here!

If you feel like it, here is a table containing quite a lot of characters and terms, most unique to To The Stars. And do not let the lots of blue (indicating the entry exists, unlike the not existing red ones) links fool you, many of those entries mostly consists of a the barest info placed into backbone structure that can still be filled with more information and description.

Main Characters
Shizuki Ryouko Simona del Mago Nakihara Asami Tomoe Mami Sakura Kyouko Chitose Yuma
Secondary Characters
Ruiko Chiaki Patricia von Rohr Shirou Asaka Zhou Meiqing Ngo Thi An
Kuroi Nakase Shizuki Kuma Kuroi Abe Ryouko's Grandmother Shizuki Koto Kugimiya Hiro
Kugimiya Ito Nakanishi Aiko Kuroi Nana Kuroi Kana Shizuki Sayaka Shizuki Hitomi
Atsuko Arisu Clarisse van Rossum Tanaka Yui Akemi Homura Kaname Madoka Kyubey
Roland Erwynmark Sualem Tsvangirai de Chatillon Alexander Karishma Anand
Chang Miller Feodorovich Okamura Yuu Eirin the Elusive Susana Miller
Mikuni Oriko Kure Kirika Hinata Aina Miroko Mikuru HSS Pierre-Simon Laplace Captain Makuza
Miki Sayaka Kishida Maki Risa Flores Alice Lynwood Karina Schei Shen Xiao Long
Marianne Francois Hyori Sarah Kaisan Nakajima Emiri Takukatsu Yuka Shiraishi Akari
Julian Bradshaw Vladimir Volokhov Joanne Valentin Kamijou Kyousuke Laplace Adriana Calderas
Hosna Schaefer Marshal Porto MAR MAISL Ishihara Tomoya Nodame Riko
Chito Hiroko Amelia Giovanni Raven, the Stealth ship HSS Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau HSS Horatio Nelson Mohammad Berriman
Juliet Francois Gracia Perez Mina Guyure Eva Guderian Nadya Antipova Annabelle Smith
Zheng Ying Zhi Selécine Kabila Admiral Gul
Mahou Shoujo Youkai Armed Forces TacComp Battle of Epsilon Eridani General Staff Religion
TacComp Black Heart Soul Guard Soul Gem Cult of Hope Southern Group
Governance Mitakihara City Samsara Acheron Wish Euphratic Sector
Nile Sector Cephalopod Matriarchy Prometheus Research Institute Shizuki Matriarchy Kuroi Matriarchy
United Front Freedom Alliance Demon Befriending Reformat Gemini
HSS Arminius FTL Project Janus Project Eden FTL Battle Charon
HSS Jeanne d'Arc Wormhole Stabilizer Project Icarus HSS Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov Akemi (movie) Nomenclator
Seven Muses Technologies Epsilon Eridani New Athens Emergency Defense Committee Maximal Command Mode Orpheus
HSS Manfred von Richthofen HSS Ludwig van Beethoven HSS Qiu Ying HSS Eugène Delacroix HSS Haile Selassie
HSS Robert Hackworth SHERMAN Cannon Eviscerator Laser

(Red link means page isn't created yet.)

[edit] Other Points of Interest

If none of the above stimulates your interest, you can fill in the pages at the top of this page, try to finish the pages on this list, or think of uses for the pages here.

Pictures can be uploaded here, or if you're not on this page, go to the left sidebar, look for "Tools", and click "Upload file" underneath. (Thumbnails should work now, but drop User:Archivist a line if they don't.)

[edit] Getting started

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