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[edit] Historical

[edit] Pre-MSY

1995-1996: Year of Mami's birth

1996-1997: Rough year of birth for every main cast member except Yuma

October 3, 1996: Madoka's date of birth in original timeline (PMMM aired January-April, 2011)

2001-2002: Rough year of birth for Yuma

2010-2011: Mami and Kyouko reconcile after separation.

2011: Homura Contracts/receives timeloop memories, Sayaka dies. Yuma first spotted.

2011-early 2012: Yuma spotted second time

2013-2014: Yuma spotted third time, Oriko and Co. bites it, Yuma "Befriended".

[edit] Early MSY

2021: Founding of MSY.

2031: Formation of MSY Leadership Committee

2043: Formation of Soul Guard, Leadership Committee given power to form bureaucracy

2044: Institutionalization of MSY Judiciary

2045: Beginning of corporate expansion throughout pacific rim and parts of East Asia

2053: Formation of MHD

2055: MSY takeover of Yakuza

2059: First major charter rewrite (excluding early period), formation of MSY Rules Committee, institutionalization of MSY Citizenship, implementation of restrictive Japanese nativist rules regarding membership.

2061: "Second generation" mages begin appearing in meaningful numbers.

[edit] MSY Expansionn

2065: MSY Takeover of Triad, corporate expansion into China; Kugimiya Ito and Nakanishi Aiko reunite (Chapter 17)

2067: Second major charter rewrite, repeal of nativist policies, formalization of expansionist protocol, federalization policies

2068: First MSY overseas outpost

2085: Last independent Japanese magical girls absorbed into MSY

2068-2126: Expansion and globalization of MSY, first attempts at AI.

2085: Rough beginning of MSY-SMC Cold War

2110: SMC agrees to merger in exchange for concessions

2138: Last known non-MSY holdout consents to membership

2130s-2140s: Pretoria Scandal, magically aided discovery of AI principles by Volokhov.

2146: Volokhov granted Turing Award. Interviewed about discovery.

2148: Turing Award expanded to AI recipients.

[edit] Unification Wars

2130s-2150s: MSY members reach effective hyperclass status; future FA/UF distinctions start to become apparent. Structural unemployment rises to crisis levels.

2150s: Future FA nations become increasingly brutal in the crushing of domestic uprisings.

2163-2230: Time period of the Unification Wars.

2160: UN dissolves amidst irreconcilable discord, is replaced by Freedom Alliance (FA) and United Front (UF). Neutral nations slowly descend into civil war.

2160-63: International situation deteriorates, local wars begin to break out.

2163: St. Petersburg Atrocity precipitates events; MSY membership votes to apply unprecedented punitive measures on its minority FA-sympathetic faction. Full UF/FA inter-factional war breaks out soon after. While there would be truces, usually after massive WMD exchanges, states of war become more and more persistent, eventually becoming continuous.

2175: First major of many nuclear missile exchanges, mitigated by missile interception technology

2175-2200: Majority of UF governments collapse under war strain, to be replaced by direct UF military rule.

2180: UF Emergency Defense Committee (EDC) founded, eventually taking dictatorial powers into itself.

2205-2215: It becomes clear that economic fundamentals and FA disunity dictate eventual UF victory, but completion of this victory proves agonizing, horrifying and sanguinous.

2215-2230: FA desperation drives previously unimagined levels of atrocity.

2230: Last surviving FA state is overrun.

[edit] Golden Age

2236: Kuroi Abe born. Unification Wars have definitely ended.

2280-2300: Project Eden comes to fruition: The first feasible Faster-than-light engine is unveiled[1]

2310: Kuroi Abe and his future wife are on the brink of marriage

2310-2330: Kuroi Nana born, with Kuroi Nakase following shortly after

2330-2350: Kuroi Nana disappears

2350-2380: Beginning of MSY clones project

2395-2420: First successful use of blank slate clone as new host body

2439: Homura’s "birthday" party scene (Chapter 6)

[edit] Contact War

2440: First Contact with Cephalopod aliens, destruction of Aurora/Atlas colonies, Battle of Epsilon Eridani/New Athens, disappearance of Homura, end of masquerade

2441: Kyouko gives first speech announcing her intention to found the a new religion

2440-2443: Mami nominated for and granted position of Field Marshal

2445: Rough year of Ryouko's birth.

2446: Spring-Asaka, Alice, Patricia undergo initial training.

2452: Samsara offensive ends in debacle for Cephalopods

2452-2453: Marshals Erwynmark's Saharan Raids destroy at least a shipyard and Wormhole Stabilizer, putting a temporary end to alien ability to sustain offensives. Mami’s involvement in saving the fleet earns her the Defender’s Star, First Class

2457: Beginning of Euphratic Incursion

2460: Start of TtS

[edit] To the Stars

[edit] Volume 1

September 16 (Day 0): Demon attack, contract (Chapter 1), first hunt with Kyouko, announcement to parents (late night, stretching into next day) (Chapter 5), sleep (Chapter 2)

Mami watches a movie (Chapter 3/4) and departs on space elevator (Chapter 6) (early morning, next day)

September 17: Ryouko receives her implant upgrades, visits the Ribbon and receives vision (Chapter 9), talks with theological council and Asaka, then returns home (Chapter 10).

General Staff meeting is held and Mami is informed of her new position, leaving late in the day. (Chapter 6)

(morning) Kyouko flashbacks about Yuma (Chapter 7), then visits and talks with her (Chapter 8).

September 18: Early morning (right after midnight): Dinner with family and visit to sparring ground, etc. Afternoon and night: Movie trip with friends, sleepover (Chapter 11)

Midday-Kyouko and Mami call each other and discuss grief cubes (Chapter 10).

Late-Kyouko and Yuma discuss surveillance on Ryouko (Chapter 11)

September 19: First grief cube shipment and group demon hunt (Chapter 12).

September 20: Get-together party, where she meets Nakihara Asami (Chapter 13).

September 21: Visit with psychologist (Atsuko Arisu), followed by visit to see clones (Chapter 13).

September 22: Farewell party, meeting Kuroi Kana, Shizuki Sayaka and Kuroi Nana. Kuroi Nana shows Ryouko the past of Nana and her mother (Chapter 14/15).

Morning: Yuma, Kyouko, and Mami hold virtual meeting (Chapter 14)

September 23: Ryouko departs for her training, traveling with her cohort of girls contracted in and near Mitakihara City (Chapter 16).

[edit] Volume 2

September 29: MG raid on Wormhole Stabilizer fails. Ryouko nears the end of her training. (Chapter 18/19)

October 1: HSS Laplace is surprise attacked in deep space by alien fighters. Ship is saved by its MG complement, which includes Ryouko. Ryouko suffers heavy radiation exposure.

Maki participates in combat on the streets of Heliopolis, and reminisces on how it would have been her and Kyouko's first anniversary. (Chapter 20)

October 2: Ryouko spends time in bed talking with Clarisse, who mentions that she is beginning to recover Goddess vision memories.(Chapter 20)

October 3: Ryouko et al. land on the planet of Acheron. Ryouko attends a late gathering commemorating the Goddess's birthday, and listens to a broadcast by Kyouko. Maki does the same thing, on Apollo. (Chapter 20)

Kyouko, Mami, and Yuma discuss conspiracies over virtual dinner - Simona del Mago, the attack on HSS Laplace, Valentin, supersaturated grief cubes, and the war. Kyouko's pseudo-memories of Madoka screws with her mind.

(During Ryouko's next free time slot) Ryouko corresponds with her mother and Chiaki, then goes on a date with Asami to a basketball game and the onsen. Cue kiss and the sudden transfer to the Kepler-37 System.

[edit] References

  1. Incubator Archives: When did the human race achieve FTL
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