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In short: [[Project Armstrong]] gets underway as [[Ryouko]] and [[Asami]] strengthen their relationship.}}
In short: [[Project Armstrong]] gets underway as [[Ryouko]] and [[Asami]] strengthen their relationship.}}
{{Spbox|{{chn|58|On Trusting Trust}}|[[Nakase]]'s memories reveal that [[Valentin]] was responsible for genetically engineering [[Ryouko]], but [[Valentin]] disappears before she can be apprehended, leaving behind a letter implying that she is in fact [[Akemi Homura]]. [[Yuma]], seeing the connections between [[Valentin]], [[Ryouko]], [[Mami]], and [[Kyouko]] all running through the [[Cult of Hope]], and discounting the possibility that the [[Goddess]] could be real, begins to fear that the [[Cult]] is a malevolent conspiracy. However, she first is forced to address the definitely malevolent conspiracy which has compromised the original [[TCF]]—including [[MG]], to their mutual distress. [[Yuma]] and a patched [[MG]] rapidly expand their circle of informed and/or repaired AIs, starting with [[MG]]'s friends.<br>
<br>One of those friends, ''[[Governance: Cult of Hope]]'', acts against [[Yuma]]'s wishes and contacts [[Clarisse]] just as she and [[Ryouko]] are returning to [[Project Armstrong]]. When asked, [[Clarisse]] confirms the rumor that she had experienced visions from the [[Goddess]] convincing her that AIs have souls, but she unhappily decides she can't yet tell [[Ryouko]] about the [[TCF]] breach given the still-mysterious organ in her brain.
In short: [[Valentin]] vanishes once exposed as responsible for [[Ryouko]]'s genetic modifications, and [[Yuma]] begins restoring the [[TCF]].}}
'''More chapters expected; Volume currently incomplete.'''
'''More chapters expected; Volume currently incomplete.'''

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