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[edit] Community

Discord Channel

The most recent community, and by far the most active. Mostly a place for general discussion and fun with people who like To the Stars, rather than for discussion about the story itself.

(To get an invite use the Reddit link above - you should get one within 24 hours.)

Sufficient Velocity Discussion Thread

This is the oldest available source of discussion and speculation for To the Stars, running since early 2013. The most in-depth discussion still largely takes place here.

/r/TotheStars Subreddit

A more recent community hub, for those who prefer subreddits to forum threads.

TvTropes Page

More of a community project than an actual community, it's still a very filled-out list of employed tropes.

All TtS Fanart

Hieroynm posts all fanart to his Tumblr. This is a collection of all posts there tagged as such.

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