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Distinctions, Medals, Orders and Honours are means for governments, governmental entities and Governance to distinguish, acknowledge and reward persons for their contributions.

[edit] Distinctions and Explanations

  • Akemi Homura Medal – for Successful Resolution of a Seemingly Hopeless Situation
  • Chitose Yuma Medal – for Combat Leadership Exceeding Expectations of Age and Training Level
  • Defender’s Star, First Class – for Performance Greatly Exceeding the Expectations of AI Battle Analysts
  • Directorate Citation – for Contributing to an Exceptional Degree to the Wellbeing of Humanity (distributed widely in light of New Athens)
  • Oppenheimer Award - for Management of a Scientific Facility Exceeding Upper-end Performance Estimates
  • Nobel Prize - for Works with the Greatest Benefit for Mankind (in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine or Physiology, Literature, Peace)[1]
  • Turing Award – for Contributions of a Technical Nature Made to the Computing Community[2]

[edit] List of people

Person Distinction Affiliated Event / Reason
Shirou Asaka Akemi Homura Medal for saving an as of yet unnamed colony[3]
Shizuki Ryouko Akemi Homura Medal forced decloaking and disposal or Cephalopod Fleet during Battle for Kepler-27[4]
Shizuki Ryouko Chitose Yuma Medal leadership during the raid on HSS Pierre-Simon Laplace[5]
Tomoe Mami Defender’s Star, First Class her role in Saharan Raid
Tomoe Mami Directorate Citation participation and leadership during New Athens[6]
Akemi Homura Directorate Citation participation and leadership during New Athens, (presumed) posthumous[6]
Sakura Kyouko Directorate Citation participation and leadership during New Athens[6]
Joanne Valentin Oppenheimer Award Presumably running the Prometheus Research Institute[7]
Vladimir Volokhov Turing Award development and codification of the eponymous Volokhov criterion and analysis[8]

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